Rapid Fire trick on Lunar Patrol and Red Five

Have you discovered how to get more lasers on the screen in our two super sideways shoot em ups?

We’ll let you in on the secret.

All you have to do is use two fingers to tap the screen. Here at Playstar we’re quite keen on using the forefinger and the middle finger. Then when you tap the screen to shoot simply tap again immediately afterwards using the other finger. You build up a pretty neat pattern of double tapping as you alternate your taps that spray a huge amount of lasers across the screen.

Of course you’ll also have to contend with a rapid ascend in your fighter but we think it’s worth it for the amount of zapping and blasting that you get.

Happy zappin’ 🙂

Awesome scores being recorded across all the Playstar games

Every once in a while we pore over the scores that are recorded each day in the arcade. There are some fantastic scores being achieved and we’d like to pay some particular respect to GAMEMASTER, STARLORD, BILLYBLAZE and KAOTIKGAMING.

You guys rock!

Don’t forget to tell your friends about the Playstar arcade. It’d be awesome to see more of you fighting for that top spot on the high score tables.

Happy zappin’.

Lunar Patrol bug fix

Just a quick note to say that we fixed a bug in Lunar Patrol that was affected a large spread of mobile browsers. Particularly those without support for the WebAudio API.
The game should run smoothly now. If not please do let us know. Make sure you tell us your mobile phone’s make and model as well your operating system if you know it.

Lunar Patrol is now live on the arcade

We are super thrilled to announce that our latest arcade game Lunar Patrol is up and running on the Playstar Arcade.


After much head-scratching we decided that Moon Tank didn’t quite work so Lunar Patrol was the new title we decided upon.
We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we do. We are also extremely bad at it. I’m sure somebody out there than topple our score!

Happy zapping!


In development – Moon Tank

We’re working on a new game that ties in a number of the arcade elements that we’ve explored in the last few titles.

Right now we’re very focused on the simplicity of single tap gaming. In much the same vein as Flappy Bird we created Mayday! From that same design we created Night Bomber in which the tap on the screen dropped the plane rather than boosted it skyward.
Further expanding on this tap-to-dive game mechanic we created the Star Wars inspired Red Five. With Red Five we shifted back toward the classic arcade games of old where a single tap would launch rapid laser fire.

moontank1 moontank2

Now with Moon Tank we’re looking to take it all a step further and really focus on the blasting and explosions.

Arcade games in which you shoot the bad guys and they explode are what inspired us in the first place to create Playstar. It’s a huge thrill to be able to craft these games and what the scores mount up.

We hope to have Moon Tank ready by the end of May. Stay tuned.


Are you a starfighter pilot in a galaxy far, far away?

Have you got what it takes to take on the most formidable space station the galaxy has ever known?

We’re thrilled to announce that our new game Red Five is now available to play on the Playstar Arcade.

Test your piloting skills against the deadly attack squadrons. Control is simple. Tap the screen on your mobile device or hit CTRL on the keyboard to boost your fighter downwards. Each boost will also launch a bomb and laser blast simultaneously.


Fly fast, low and with great care. Avoid rockets and obstacles and take out them enemy fighters!

We’ll see you in the high score tables for Red Five 🙂

Be the hero!

Another fantastic HTML5 arcade game – Night Bomber

Here at Playstar we are working hard to deliver as much arcade entertainment for your mobile or tablet as we possibly can.

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s Mayday! release we have another side scrolling game involving an aircraft and stuff to avoid. This time around it’s all about diving rather than climbing. With a single tap of the screen your bomber dives and bombs at the same time. You can dive as much as you like but the bombs take a split second to become available after each launch.
If you’re careful and get the hang of it you can soon be in the double figures. Rumour has it that somebody here made it to triple figures in just a handful of sittings! We’ve yet to confirm it 🙂

night bomber html5 arcade game

We hope you enjoy Night Bomber as much as we do. Don’t forget to sign in or sign up to save your scores.

Play Night Bomber.

A new mobile arcade game for iOS and Android – Mayday!

We’re proud to announce that a brand new game has been launched to the Playstar Arcade.

You’ve seen and played Flappy Bird! No doubt you have the stress as well as the cap and T-shirt to show for it. Well now you can try Mayday!
Fly your crippled chopper amongst the big bricked obstacles and collect the coins. The more coins you collect the greater your score.
It’s as simple as that 🙂

Just a single tap to operate on your mobile or tablet and a single tap of CTRL on the keyboard of your computer.
Each tap sends the chopper skyward momentarily before plummeting to the ground. Test your skill and your nerve!


Play Mayday!

HTML5 arcade games on Chromebook

As part of our testing we try to accomodate as many devices as possible. Our primary focus beyond the desktop has to be the popular iOS and Android handsets. iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy etc.
Recently however we picked up a couple of Chromebooks.
As a hardware choice we’ve not always been convinced by Chromebook. For roughly the same price it was always possible to pick up a reasonably handy laptop. But lately we’ve looked to seeing how much of a game experience can be had on a broader range of hardware.

The Chromebook experience obviously has the Chrome web browser at the heart of its experience. Almost everything that you do involves launching it.
Chrome has always been a fantastic web browser for playing HTML5 games. It’s lightning fast and supports the HTML5 Audio API beautifully. If everybody could play our games in Chrome we would be very happy!

So just what is the Playstar experience like on a Chromebook?

Well we’re pleased to report it’s fantastic.
It is of course much like playing on your laptop with a Chrome browser. But that really is the point. There’s nothing to distinguish playing HTML5 games on a Chromebook from a regular PC.

You’re not likely to buy a Chromebook for gaming but it’s great to know that should you own one you can comfortably embrace the rapidly developing world of browser based arcade gaming.

From our point of you it’s given us much more motivation to enable keyboard input in our games.
A number of games already support the keyboard such as Jumpin’ Jasper, Desert Rescue and Galactians 2. More to come…

New HTML5 arcade game – Jumpin’ Jasper

Jumpin' Jasper title graphicThe Playstar Arcade has a new arrival in the form of a funky, leaping squirrel. Meet Jasper the “jumpin'” hero of Squirreldale.Winter is coming and Jasper has his work cut out in collecting enough nuts and fruit bonuses to survive.

But it won’t be easy. The trolls and greenie bugs don’t want Jasper to succeed in collecting all of their treasure!
And if that wasn’t bad enough their friends the wicked wasps are on hand to add to Jasper’s scavenging challenge.
Luckily, thanks to a sprinkling of Squirreldale magic, there are plenty of bonus items on offer to help Jasper. Collect and pop the golden balloons to release super power boots and a magic invulnerability spell!
Collect every hazelnut off each level to progress to the next.
Good luck!